Mr. Rekhesh Jain is an Accomplished Naturopath and hails from Sewagram, the land of The Father of Nation- Mahatma Gandhi, who saw the healthy future of India by the practice of Naturopathy. He is also a Health Researcher, Yoga Guru and an Educator. He has been an exponent of Naturopathy for more than 33 years now.

Mr. Rekhesh Jain has been trained under great teachers like: Late Acharya V.P.Gidavani- renowned naturopath of Gujarat and a Pioneer of Pra-Yoga Trust, Ahmedabad; Late Shri Vittaldasji Modi- 2nd Pioneer of Indian Naturopathy and Dr. Bhamgara. He is a certified instructor from Prekshadhyan Academy Acharya Tulsi Nidam Ladhanu.

Mr. Rekhesh Jain is the Founder President of Instrospective Rejuvenation Research Centre (IRRC) providing health and well being services on the principles of Naturopathy and Yoga to professionals, housewives, students and also working with several prestigious organizations like- Mahindra & Mahindra, Yogashakti Mission, Prempuri Ashram, Kaivalyadhama, to name a few.