On the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purinma, on 21st May 2016, The Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga-Ayurveda-Naturopathy saw its First Dawn.

It has been initiated by Shri Parmanand Aggarwal, An Avid Yoga Practitioner, Preacher of Yoga, Yoga Therapist and Doctor of Naturopathy. Having been trained under the renowned Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari. Shri Parmanand Aggarwal started his career in Yoga from Vishwayatan Yogashram (Katra- J&K) in 1976. Along with Yoga, He has also studied other alternate healing sciences like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. He has served Kaivalyadhama Yoga Health Centre, Mumbai for over 37 years as the Secretary & Office-in-charge and Principal of various courses conducted by the centre.

After his retirement from Kaivalyadhama, to continue with his endeavor of Preaching Yoga to guide, influence and motivate people towards healthy living and to bring about a marked change in the lives of people, Shri Parmanand Aggarwal initiated The Aatmabodh Academy.

The Aatmabodh Academy was inaugurated through the hands of revered Swami Anubhavanand ji in the presence of The Academy’s Board of Trustees, Well wishers of Shri Parmanand Aggarwal and the fellow Yoga Practitioners on 21st May 2016.

The Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga-Ayurveda-Naturopathy is a Registered Charitable Trust. It has a vision to impart the ancient therapeutic knowledge of Yoga-Ayurveda-Naturopathy and educate people. Trust activities are guided by the Board of Trustees.


Shri Dinanath C.

Chartered Accountant

Shri Satyanarayan M. Jhunjhunwala

Former Judge of Bombay High Court

Shri Devesh D.

Chartered Accountant & MBA

Vaidya Shri Subhash
A. Joshi

MD (Ayurveda) &

Captain Rameshchandra
J. Lad

Hon. Officer Commanding of Bombay City Ambulance Corps.

Shri S.Padmanabhan

Former Commissioner Provident Fund Mumbai.

About Yoga

AROGYA means good health and good health should be our final destination or our main goal. We have to strive not only to overcome the state of ill health but should continue our efforts even after regaining the state of health, to preserve it and promote it with the utmost conscious efforts.
Indian culture and tradition describes Arogya, Health as, When we talk of AROGYA (health) it does not mean just the physical body, but the well-being of the mind and the self (soul) i.e. the person as a whole. From Ayurvedic point of view it is the constant and continuous well-being of all the body systems & parts, along with a healthy mind that makes a harmonious and healthy living. Today’s life style has become very demanding - be it a businessman, executive, professional, student or a housewife. In a situation when the expectations are greater than achievement we suffer from, what is called stress! It shows up in many ways. In Ancient times the source of maintaining AROGYA was only with the help of nature. Nature means five elements i.e. Akasha, (Space), Vayu (Air), Tejas, (Fire) Apa (Water), Prithvi ( Earth). These are the known as the PANCHAMAHABHOOTAS which are universally present. Holding the same principles, YOGA, AYURVEDA AND NATUROPATHY are the best mediums for maintaining the AROGYA.

our Faculty

Shri Parmanand Aggarwal

Managing Director-Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga Yogacharya & Naturopath

Mrs. Shilpa

M.Sc( Analytical Chemistry), DY.T.C (Yoga)Kaivalyadhama

Dr. Abhijit A.

B.A.M.S.(Ayurveda), D.Yed.(Yoga)Kaivalyadhama, PGDPC, PGDIC