Practical classes of Yoga are being conducted on daily basis (Monday to Saturday) except bank holidays by Trained Yoga Teachers.
Yogic practices are taught for the preservation of good health and for the treatment of the following Aadhis (mental disorders) and Vyadhis (physical disorders):

  • Nervous System Related Disorders: Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Insomnia, Neurasthenia, Migraine, Tension, Headache, De-addiction of alcohol and smoking.
  • Digestive System Related Disorders: Hyper-acidity, Dyspepsia, Gas trouble, Constipation, Colitis, Piles etc.
  • Respiratory System Related Disorders: Chronic Cold, sinusitis, Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Tropical Eosinophilia, etc.
  • Cardio-Vascular System Related Disorders: High Blood Pressure, Myocardial Ischemia with Angina Pain, etc.
  • Musculo-Skeletal System Related Disorders: Arthritis, Spondylitis, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Generalized body aches, etc
  • Metabolic and Endocrine System Related Disorders: Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Thyroid Dysfunction, etc.
  • Reproductive System Related Disorders: Menstrual Disorders, Low sperm count, etc.

Salient Features of the Daily Yoga classes:

  1. Thorough Examination & Checkup of each person enrolling for the daily yoga classes by trained Medical Yoga consultants (Doctors trained in Yogic Therapy) and Prescription of Yogic Practices according to the disorders and total constitution of the patient.
  2. Teaching of the prescribed practices by Trained Yoga Teachers on one to one basis.
  3. Regular Checkups by the doctors