Managing Director-Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga Yogacharya & Naturopath

M.Sc( Analytical Chemistry), DY.T.C (Yoga)Kaivalyadhama

B.A.M.S.(Ayurveda), D.Yed.(Yoga)Kaivalyadhama, PGDPC, PGDIC

M.D. (Ayurveda), D.Y.T.C. (Yoga)Kaivalyadhama


Hon. Officer Commanding of The Bombay City Ambulance Corps. & one of the Trustees of Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga

Lt. Sunil C. Kansara

The Bombay City Ambulance Corps

Dr. Snehal Pathak

B.A.M.S., Diploma in Yoga Education Kaivalyadhama, P.G. Dip (Psychological Counseling)

B.Sc, B.Ed, DYED - Kaivalyadhama, CTCYAN - Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga

Sr. Yoga Therapy &Ayurveda Practitioner

B.A.M.S from university of Mumbai, M.D. in Swasthavritta and Yoga​

Naturopath and Yoga Expert

ND. Diploma in Naturopathy, P G Dip in Bharatiya Sanskriti

BDS, BA & MA, Diploma In Yoga Education.

Mrs . Suchita Karnik

B.Com, Diploma in yoga education, Kaivalyadhama, M.A (Philosophy) Mumbai University

B.Hsc(Human Development), P.G.Dip (Psychological Counseling), DYED, Adv.Course, CCYT - Kaivalyadhama and Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda

B.A., Diploma in Textile Designing (CCYE, DYED, Adv.Course, CTCYAN)

Ms. Trupti R. Jain

BMS, PGD-FM, CCY.Ed (Yoga)-Kaivalyadhama, CTCYAN (Therapy Course) - Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga