Ayurveda, Yoga Consultant
Faculty for Ayurveda-Panchakarma, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Abhijit Redij is an Ayurveda, Yoga Consultant and a Psychological Counselor. He started his Ayurveda medicine practice from 2003 at Mumbai. He holds a Diploma in Yoga Education and has a good experience in Yoga Therapy. He received this experience while working for Kaivalyadhama as a Medical Yoga Consultant under the guidance of Shri. Parmanand Aggarwal. He has studied Indian and Modern Psychology, which help him while counseling Indian and International clients.

Having a keen interest in Teaching, Dr. Abhijit is also a teacher of Ayurveda and Anatomy Physiology of Human beings for many institutes like Aatmabodh Academy of Yoga, Kaivalyadhama- Mumbai, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeth and others.

Past two years Dr. Abhijit has made Alibaug his base and is settled there along with his family. Along with his wife- Dr. Abhilasha, he has started an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Chikitasalaya. The centre provides affordable and genuine Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, Yoga Therapy and Counselling services to rural and local people.